Former atheist on Christian cowardice

Mike Adams on what passes for Christian teaching today:

It has taken several tries but I am happy that I have finally found a pastor and a church that is solidly pro-life and pro-family and not afraid to say it. I’m just sad that in the last sixteen years, I have learned that at least three quarters of the pastors who actually know what is right still lack the intestinal fortitude to take a stand for what they believe.

Many Christians are fed up with the capitulation of the church and respond in a way that is different from my chosen response. Rather than continuing to try and find a courageous pastor, they simply stop going to church. So this raises an interesting question: If Christians actually stop going to church because they are tired of pastors refusing to take a stand is it possible that some people never seriously consider Christianity in the first place for the same reasons? More.

Reality check: The vast majority of young people who go through the constitutionally protected Ontario Catholic school systems will never learn what the Church thinks about abortion or gay sex, or not seriously anyway. Everything will be watered down to suit the members of the Catholic teachers’ unions.

But it may be a mercy for most of those kids that no one is asking them to take any of it seriously. Christianity is likely to simply wither in the western world. Remaining Christians will be subject to considerable persecution, not least for our stand against euthanasia of expensive people.

Consider the pitiable contortions of Pope Francis on the subject of gay sex – which is barred by the New Testament. The New Testament is the church’s constitution. We have no other final authority. He knows that but he can’t just end the discussion by saying so. Why not?

See also: War against Christians in the professions in Canada Christians are just target practice. Later, it will be all non-progressives or people who think, generally.

  • The churches have capitulated.

  • Alain

    Why would anyone be interested in going to a place where you get the same “teachings” that one gets from the media and entertainment industry? That is the situation in most churches, non Orthodox synagogues and many Buddhist temples in the West. I think many of us instinctively sense when something is just plain wrong even when we may not be capable of articulating why it is wrong. This happens when the state pushes things such as SSM, the in-your-face flaunting of homosexuality, full term abortion, and now the killing of the elderly and sick. Yet when we turn to these “religious places” in hopes of receiving clarification, they no longer deliver.

    • k2

      Their positions are often so squishy, nebulous, vague and indistinguishable from secular, progressive culture, that there is nothing substantive to adopt or follow. So Westerners (and immigrants, for that matter) looking for religious “certainties” turn (foolishly, but to a certain extent, understandably) to islam now, as opposed to Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism.

  • dukestreet

    Any Christian who can’t find a Christ teaching church,can find those churches online. Unless there is a reason that you can’t get to church,you can get the spiritual teaching on the web.

    The Bible speaks about what is happening in the church. All through the New Testament. In Revelation, Christ talks about people in the church, thinking they will be saved, because they are part of the church, say “Lord,Lord” and He says, “Depart from me,I never new you.”

    God saves a remnant not a large number. ” Narrow is the gate and there are few that find it.”

  • Priests in the Middle East are bold.

    What are we worried about here? Being called politically incorrect?

    In fairness, there are priests, ect who do speak up on all manner of things.

    More is needed.

  • ontario john

    The mainline churches did well until the late 50’s, and then the rot set in. Leftist theology over the space of a few decades destroyed those churches. And now those churches have a few old ladies who attend while ministers and the leadership are more interested in, homosexuals, global warming scams, whiny indians, and other leftist causes. Why you can even be an atheist minister now. Yes, there are still Bible believing conservative churches around if one looks. A friend of mine who is pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie, Ont. used to keep a directory of Bible believing churches in Canada and the U.S. He probably still does.

  • xavier

    It’s the squishing that bear some responsibility
    However there are other shepardside who are quite brave Raymond cardinal Burke Robert cardinal Sarah are just some examples.

    Look that Francis is a bit of a disappointment is nothing new. I’m just glad I didn’the live through the Great schism of the 1300s