Comey Makes the Case for Trump

Thanks to FBI Director James Comey I will vote for Donald Trump. As is the case with a lot of conservatives, Trump is not exactly to my taste, and while never a part of the Never Trump crowd, I’ve remained on the fence about him. But elections are not only about individuals, they are about systems, principles, and the rule of law. Both Trump and Clinton are very flawed candidates. However, Trump is not an outright criminal. And he is not the candidate of an utterly corrupt government and party that threatens to literally destroy our republic. That will have to be enough for me and should be sufficient for any other American who still cares about the constitutional rule of law.

  • mauser 98

    Comey goes turtle for Hill

    admits she is guilty

    ..”snipers” ambush police same day
    “search for the attackers stretched throughout downtown”

  • mauser 98

    Attacks in three states target cops for two days in row
    ….Barry’s race war begins

  • Spatchcocked

    Saying Comey is a clever fellow and has holed Hill below the waterline is bullshit.
    He had a job to do and he failed to do it.
    I dunno….bribed threatened or blackmailed…..whatever…..who cares anymore.
    The man has no honour left.

    Go Donald go….

    Go all Augean on them Donald.

    Imagine being inside events of a glorious revolution…it’s positively Brextian

    • jack burns

      Long history of covering Clinton ass.

  • Spatchcocked

    How did Ulianov express it?
    Ahhhh….”you may not be interested in civil war but civil war is interested in you…”

  • jack burns

    But, her base is unshaken. Vulva voters, blacks, feminized liberal males, hispanics, they are more onboard than ever. Liberals see cunning as intelligence and they are clueless about national security and security in general.

  • Gary

    Hillary’s election platform will be “Vote for me ….. I’m too stupid to be held responsible for anything ” .

    I still remember when Chretien and Martin told Justice Gomery that they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on under them when $300 million went missing in the Sponsorship Program via skids or $50 million each going out the back door right in front of Martin’s eyes as the Finance Minster.

    Justin will be no different when he’s caught in corruption over $billions that he handed to Unions and Minority groups to buy votes.