Chicago on the Brink

A retreat from proactive policing has unleashed mayhem in the city.

Violence in Chicago is reaching epidemic proportions. In the first five months of 2016, someone was shot every two and a half hours and someone murdered every 14 hours, for a total of nearly 1,400 nonfatal shooting victims and 240 fatalities. Over Memorial Day weekend, 69 people were shot, nearly one per hour, dwarfing the previous year’s tally of 53 shootings over the same period. The violence is spilling over from the city’s gang-infested South and West Sides into the downtown business district; Lake Shore Drive has seen drive-by shootings and robberies.

  • Exile1981

    I no longer care. The US is no longer a country of laws it’s a lawless dictatorship and the sooner the PC crap is expunged the sooner country can be rebuilt.

  • I’m sure Black Lives Matter will be all over this.

    There are black Americans who point out this disparity and yet no one listens.

  • The Butterfly

    This is what 8 years of Obama hath wrought.

  • Hard Little Machine

    As long as black people aren’t screaming and clogging up the streets I don’t care.

    • chuck_2012

      blacks killing blacks…is this not a good thing?

      • Hard Little Machine

        it’s a NON thing. they don’t care if don’t

  • chayisun

    Not to make light of this but I assume the killings involve members of a certain race, currently screaming about black lives matter and accusing “dem” white folk of being da cause of all dem blacks sufferin’……For all I care these animals can shoot each other all day and night as they are doing in Chicago. Violent, uneducated welfare cheating slugs who won’t find jobs other then 7/11 robberies, producing little black slugs with unknown number of female buffalos, drug dealing punks. And I thought muslims were bad.

    I’m heading to Chicago in a few days……..This may be my final post……..

    • chuck_2012

      walk softly and carry a big stick!

  • xavier

    Chicago is in the throes of an insurgency just like in Africa and Asia during the 50-60s
    So there needs to be a re establishment of law and order via counter insurgency like actually upholding the laws and punishing criminals

  • jack burns

    I had the misfortune to grow up on the West Side near Cicero and got out when the rot was just taking off. Already ghettoized by blacks, hispanics were coming in like Huns. Except for pockets, the place is already shot. Life starts in the burbs. They’ve had 2 and sometimes 3 man squad cars on the south side for many years and it didn’t help. Mogadishu with snow. Pull the cops out and let them slaughter each other.

  • Gary

    Look at how the BLM terrorist in Toronto got Tory and City Hall to back off the Police from the high crime Black areas in Gov housing.
    In May of 2016 the homicide rate from last year in 2015 is already up 125% and we see BLM now blame the Police for deaths in the Black community when THEY got the Police kicked out from Black areas .

    So carding was racist which the White leftists at City Hall agreed and demand the Police stop and now the homicides for Black lives double this year since the summer is worse for gang related death as the high schools are out.
    But according to John Tory and Joe Mihevic it’s not racist when twice as many blacks die from their Policies.