Third of UK councils refuse to take Syrian refugees despite Cameron pledge

The Government promised to take in 20,000 people from the war-torn country under a resettlement programme announced by David Cameron.

But as cash-strapped councils battle with Government-imposed austerity measures just 8,146 have been accepted so far. And 53 councils, which have seen Government funding cut by 33 per cent since 2010, have failed to sign up to the scheme.

Under the voluntary programme, councils will get £8,500 for each refugee in the first year which reduces to £1,000 in the fifth year although there is extra cash for child refugees.

  • Brett_McS

    Could it be that these councillors care more about being re-elected than getting a bit of extra cash for the council?

  • B__2

    £8,500 per refugee should surely cover those necessities of life for a refugee:
    – Swedish-style “Don’t Rape Women” wristbands
    – Free (to the refugee) interpreter and translation services, covering the refugees interaction with the council, criminal court system, and the NHS
    – Education for the estimated 2/3 of the Syrian refugees who are functionally illiterate, together with extra unquantifiable costs for the native Britons due to the disruption of classrooms by very mature aged minors
    – Extra police services in all areas of life, including an expansion of the sexual assault units
    – Provision of accomodation in the first year for the refugee, then greatly increased costs accomodation in subsequent years for the 16 refugee family members (four wives and their children, parents and siblings of the refugee)

    Not included in the £8500 above as the following are paid by the national government (i.e. taxpayers):
    – Medical care (NHS), including prescription drugs, glasses, dental care and homeopathy
    – Payments for food
    – Payments for medicine
    – Payments for housing
    – Extra workload for managing the tens or hundreds of thousands of new jobs by the national government bureaucracy.
    – Extra Crown Prosecution costs for the extra workload

    • tom_billesley

      Everywhere they’re sent, the Saudis will build them a mosque ribat, but they’ll expect a free tract of land from local councils.

  • Petrilia

    How long before it is mandatory?

    • Alain

      You mean like in Obama’s United States and Trudeau’s Canada.

  • tom_billesley

    The UN have weeded out the Christians, but David Cameron’s parliamentary constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire still hasn’t taken any.