The system is rigged against Christian Syrians; UN chooses Sunni Muslims for US

We have told you about a zillion times that the United Nations is now choosing the majority of refugees admitted to the US and here is one more confirmation of that…

  • BillyHW

    It’s not a refugee crisis. It’s an invasion crisis. Muslims are not the victims of this. Muslims are the perpetrators of this.

    The only people with a legitimate claim to being refugees are the Christian and other non-muslim communities of the middle-east, and yet, in our politically correct stupidity we can’t even manage to help them, and instead reward their rapists and killers.

    Shame on women voters.

  • So whether Christians are killed in the canned hunt that is ISIS domination or tormented in the West, they are not free.

    It’s time to arm Christians. No one else cares about them.