State Department Reopens Clinton Emails Probe

The State Department is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Although the former secretary of state’s closest confidants have left the agency, they could still face punishment. The most serious is the loss of security clearances, which could complicate her aides’ hopes of securing top positions on her national security team if she becomes president.

The State Department started its review in January after declaring 22 emails from Clinton’s private server to be “top secret.” It was suspended in April so as not to interfere with the FBI’s inquiry. State Department spokesman John Kirby said the probe is restarting after the Justice Department’s announcement Wednesday that it won’t bring any criminal charges.

  • xavier

    So wlil she and all her minions be permanently barred from ever holding any security clearances? Will they face heavy fines and other administrative sanctions like lifetime ban from entering any federal premisres and non renewal of their passports for a few years?

  • Some good news.

    This whole thing was a farce.

  • mauser 98

    …great one from SDA

    And then he blinked out “they are holding my children hostage” in Morse code

  • Alain

    Why does the thought of bread and circuses come to mind?

  • mauser 98

    …total crock………same ones

    Request for Hillary Clinton emails would take 75 years to complete, State Department says

  • Brett_McS

    It was Tibor!

  • Gary

    Comey’s excuses for Hillary reminds of the when Chretien and Martin were up to their elbows in the $300 million theft of tax dollars for the AdScam where they both boasted to Justice Gomery that they were too stupid to be expected to know what went on under them during their reign.

    Now we have Justin and his plan to blow close to $200 billion in new Debt money for Infrastructure which we know will be close to 80% in wages for the Unions to reward them for their votes.
    Toronto will get lots of to buy the Minority votes in 2019 while he buys off both the homophobic islamofacists and homofascist bigots plus the BLM terrorists .