Muslim shopkeeper Asad Shah had ‘disrespected Islam’ according to Mohammedan who admits his murder

A Muslim taxi driver drove from Yorkshire to Glasgow and murdered a shopkeeper because he claimed he disrespected the Prophet Muhammad and his faith, a court has heard.

Asad Shah, 40, who ran a convenience store in the city’s Shawlands area, died following the attack by 32-year-old Tanveer Ahmed on March 24 this year.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Ahmed, from Bradford in West Yorkshire, admitted murdering Mr Shah.

  • The Butterfly

    Non-Exhaustive List of Religions Shopkeepers Have Never Been Killed For ‘Disrespecting’:

    1. Dream Time
    2. Maronite Catholicism
    3. Bulgarian Orthodoxy
    4. Judaism
    5. Zorastrianism
    6. Taoism
    7. Hutteritism
    8. Schwarzenau Brethren
    9. Missionary Baptists
    10. Zenrinkyo

    And the list goes on and on…

    • Islam is the religion of peace they keep telling us.

  • Blacksmith

    They need to put this fekker under the prison. Then deport his family and friends.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Let them sort out their differences among themselves in their own way. I deeply respect their quaint and ancient culture but could they direct the smoke from the piles of burning corpses in another direction? Thanks, yes yes, Allahu Akbar to you too, sir.