Lefties are insecure and stupid people who kind of know they’re stupid and therefore ape the opinions of the ‘intelligentsia’ because they want others to think they’re smart

Not all of them, of course. But bear in mind that a lot of people don’t really care about politics, so if they’re talking about them it’s worth wondering why. There is a certain “life hack” which I’ve found useful. Ask yourself: “is this person just not very bright? Even if they’re supposed to be?” It can be quite clarifying. (“Is this person crazy?” is another good one.)

Okay, probably not worth a post. If so, sorry. Quora is an interesting place to waste time, though. I considered signing into it myself just to tell the author that s/he is palpably an idiot angling in the most explicit (and hilarious) terms for affirmation as a non-idiot, but then I figured, meh.

‘How is that people who know they are not very bright are so convinced they are right about complicated issues?

Immigration is a good example. Many people are against it. They just “know” it’s bad. Actually, many of them who hold that view are of average intelligence, have a secondary-level education, rarely read anything other than tabloids or facebook updates and only watch what might be called “low-brow” TV. They are often the first to admit they are not very clever and did poorly in school. So, if they are aware of their limited intelligence, why do they not realise their opinions about issues much bigger than themselves are probably equally uninformed?’