Latino gang members firebombed black residents to drive them out of Boyle Heights project, prosecutors allege

A federal grand jury has indicted seven Latino gang members in connection with a 2014 firebombing attack at the Ramona Gardens housing project in Boyle Heights, accusing them of trying to drive black residents out of the neighborhood, prosecutors announced Thursday.

Federal prosecutors allege that the men – all described as members of the Big Hazard street gang – met before the attack, where Carlos Hernandez, 31, is accused of telling the group they were going to use Molotov cocktails to firebomb homes where black families lived.

How come Black Lives Matter isn’t protesting this?

  • Surely this bigotry should not stand!

  • Ed

    They’da noticed if these were “white latinos”

  • Plenty of black latinos (Caribbean and Atlantic coast), and even more white latinos (descendants of original Spanish colonists). And now there is even a native-born Asian latino culture — Chinese mercantilists have been settling in Latin America for generations. But the largest representative group is “mestizo” — part aboriginal and part caucasian, or any admixture of the aforementioned groups.

    Race-based identity groups only attract people who are ignorant of history, geography, demography, migration and linguistics. Because that’s how BLM’s Marxist leaders want them to identify — racism is “money in the pocket” for their Marxist leaders.

  • Dana Garcia

    Ethnic cleansing of blacks by latinos in Los Angeles has been going on for a while.

    • Alain

      So it is a bit of an improvement.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    That six-pointed star in the upper right hand corner of the poster … is that poster antisemitic?

    • No, that’s a Sheriff’s star — a lawman’s badge. The reason we know that factually is because apparently the Encyclopedia states:
      “Only six-pointed stars used by people with the last name ‘Trump’ are anti-Semitic.”

      Apparently it’s also stated in the Bible by King David.


  • Hard Little Machine

    No white people or Jews involved, not my problem. Don’t care.