Investigation reveals likely guests for Ontario Liberal cash-for-access fundraisers

“…A Globe and Mail investigation has assembled likely guest lists for most of the fundraisers by matching ticket prices of events with separate donor lists filed with Elections Ontario.

The analysis reveals that attendees included construction firms with lucrative government infrastructure contracts, electricity companies with an interest in seeing the government continue outsourcing much of the province’s power generation, pharmaceutical corporations that depend on the province to list their drugs for coverage and the banks that made nearly $60-million off the privatization of Hydro One.

There is a pattern of industry-specific events, in which corporate elites, union leaders and lobbyists in a given sector were invited to pay for time with the Premier or the minister involved in their file.”

Tell me again that Ontario isn’t a Banana Republic Kleptocracy.

  • john700

    Yes, it’s a banana republic and the banana is up our asses.

  • Gary

    One of the dirty secrets i found in the fine print was that the Public sector pension fund was assured a huge block of Shares at about $17.00 when the IPO was said to be about $22.00.
    This was a bonus for the Unions Pension and allow Wynne to steal tax dollar from Revenue Canada to divert to Government employees to buy their votes as part of the on going Election fraud in Ontario where the Debt is shooting up to $400 billion and costing $10 million a day in Interest fees to carry it.

    I feel sorry for the Public sector Union members that have been lied to by the Bosses that have raked in big salaries and a huge pay-out when they retire . This is a ponze scheme that will implode long before they get their Gold Plated pensions because the Liberals see them as morons that are too stupid to use a calculator and project forward and notice that 80% of the taxes will pay the % on the debt and leave just .20 of every dollar to run the Government .

  • Waffle

    Well, the Polyester Princess is dressing a bit better these days. I guess you have to dress the part when you’re dining with billionaires. So she’s no longer getting her shmattes from the Goodwill — she probably shops at Winners now. But as my old mother used to say — you just can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

  • simus1

    No GLLKDW “trusted facilitators” with heavy duty connections to Globull Warming Fraud LLP ?
    That seems odd.

  • Alain

    This is what you get with a socialist government married to corporate socialism. Even the Chinese communist government has way more brains that this lot, which is more like certain South American countries.

  • ontario john

    The story is obviously homophobic.