The fat’s in the fire now.

The left has decided to ‘attack’ the Republican convention with a fake Jerry Springer show and a fast food strike, a former Secret Service officer has written a tell-all about Hillary called Crisis of Character which has topped the best seller lists despite the media blackout, and D’sousa’s newest movie, Hillary’s America, opens on July 22 and promises to expose her as well as the Democrat party’s agenda and history.

A video of a police officer shooting a young black male has surfaced in Minnesota in addition to the recent case in Louisiana. Expect #BLM and the usual suspects to stoke racial tensions. Expect the DOJ to pivot here to distract from the Hillary whitewash.

Plus: more domestic radical Islamic terrorism or whatever Obama’s calling it today.

And this Hillary email mess isn’t going away. Even the MSM is outraged.

People are comparing ’16 to ’68. They are wrong – it will eclipse it. We are in the midst of History in the making.