Huh? NYT Links Downplaying Muslim Victims of Violence to Trump, Brexit

The New York Times, the paper which previously slammed the use of the words “radical Islam” and suggested that the Orlando killer’s motive was “unknowable,” on Wednesday condemned the rest of the world for “shrugging off” violence against Muslims in Middle Eastern countries. In a condescending tone, reporter Anne Barnard wrote of suicide bombing and blamed everything from Donald Trump to Brexit: “The global mood increasingly feels like one of atavism, of retreat into narrower identities of nation, politics or sect, with Britain voting to leave the European Union and many Americans supporting the nativist presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump.” This story actually appeared on the front page. 

  • GrimmCreeper

    Here’s a suggestion for Ms Barnard: When she figures out who’s perpetrating this violence against poor Muslims in Muslim countries, give a shout. But before that, let’s have an international conversation on bombs and see what we can do to take them out of the hands of terrorists. I think I can get behind a three week wait list for vetting. But for now we should consider not selling plastic explosives to anyone on the no-fly list or the terror watch list.

  • Huh? is the only way to describe the wave of mental retardation sweeping the New York Times.

    It is in fact the threat of Globalism — and what this means to eliminating their traditional (albeit savage) cultures — that is causing Muslims to hate the West more than ever. If Globalism is getting to be too much even for Westerners, then how much more for cultures in the Middle East?

    • Annihilation.

      • If we end up in WWIII with the Jihadis, we only have the global socialist dreamers to blame.

    • Dana Garcia

      It’s not like the jihadists ever attacked New York City killing thousands — oh wait.

      • They were attacking Israel for decades before that, but nobody paid attention because “it’s only the Jews”.

  • Dana Garcia
  • Daviddowntown

    They are out of their minds.

  • Ed

    If it wasn’t for helpful references like this, nobody would know what the new york times said.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I saw that waiting online @ Starbucks. We had a good laugh: they’re mad at us because we don’t appreciate how much psychotic hatred they harbor toward us while they mass murder one another to make their case. At only 1,725 dead in this year’s Ramadanabombathon I barely noticed.