European nations revolt against Brussels – refuse to OK Canada trade deal

REVOLTING European nations have slapped down unelected EU bureaucrats who planned to wave through a MAJOR trade deal without consultation.
France even went so far as to call the EU chiefs hoping to push through the massive agreement with Canada “hallucinatory”.
Bureaucrats had hoped to act as a tacit EU superstate, rubber stamping the plan on behalf of members and even nations beyond the EU borders.
But, emboldened by Britain’s Brexit vote, nation states were today in revolt forcing the European Union into a dramatic re-think.
  • xavier

    Wow so it’ll be the old fashioned way of bilateral negotiations

  • john700

    My understanding is that this trade deal should be renegotiated because one of the parties, the UK, is not going to be part of the UE when the deal comes into being.
    If the deal is enacted, Canada will eliminate the visa requirements for Romania and Bulgaria, the countries with the largest Gypsy populations in Europe.

  • Ed

    Trudashian will most certainly be cross, and post a photo of frowny face.

    • G

      Trudashian” – perfect

  • mauser 98

    Justine is revolting

  • simus1

    All is lost unless Quebec leaves Canada and becomes a “Duchy” with Shiny Pony as Grand Duke.

  • Alain

    I think they are actually doing us a big favour even though that is not the intent. To date there has not been a single “free trade” deal with any country that delivered what was promised, and I am including the United States.

  • How about hitting the E.U. where it hurts — their pocketbook. Has anybody ever audited these secretive buggers?

    I mean the EU has programs all over the world, using members’ money probably with no input from these Nations about how the money is spent. I even found a multi-million $dollar E.U. program in the tiny remote Latin American village where one of my family members was born. Not that these development programs aren’t good, but how do you know if the EU is never audited?

  • Yes, European nations ARE revolting.

    Oh! You meant the EU nations, not the leaving ones.

    It must stun the EU that leaving or potentially leaving nations are doing of their own volition what they used to do before the EU existed.

  • B__2

    Of course individual countries in the EU don’t want free trade with countries outside the EU: this might expose their citizens to the price of unsubsidised food and other goods. The EU keeps food prices artificially high, supposedly to stabilise prices, by paying farmers not to produce food (the ‘Single Farm Payment’ system). Guaranteed high prices for some farm produce has meant that the EU buys up excess production and sells it at highly subsidised prices to developing nations, ensuring that these developing nations’ agricultural industries can’t compete and can’t grow.