Did They Brexit In Time?


Eid Birmingham

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Yes, they did.
    This Brummie thing will only confirm Brexit.

  • MG42

    Holy Crap! It looks like the array of the Roman legions at the final battle scene of Kirk Douglas’ film Spartacus.

  • Cat-astrophe

    No, it will not matter.

    • john700

      Brexit or no Brexit, Britain is fucked.

      These Muslims were not brought in because of UK’s membership in the EU, they were brought in by crazy immigration policies implemented by succesive governments based in London.

      P.S. – Please note that men are in the front and women separated in the back.

      • Until of course they decide to fight — then the cowards will put the women, children and elderly in the front so they can act as human shields.

        • Alain

          Plus the fact that provided they deal with some of their judicial activist judges, they can start deporting them. Otherwise it was the non elected lot of the EU that ruled against being able to deport them. The ball is finally in Britain’s court, so let us see if they go with it.

          • The EU also meddled in British security issues — making it impossible to convict terrorists in some cases.

        • john700

          “the cowards” have already won the war demographically. many of us just don’t know that yet.

  • Curmudgeon

    The EU has nothing to do with the with Muslim immigration into the UK. This is UK immigration policy. Britain is not part of the agreement to do with sharing of refugees and doesn’t accept any. That is why all the losers are hanging around Calais hoping to sneak in.
    The Brexiters were complaining about the Poles, Romanians, and other Eastern Europeans who could work in the UK unhindered because of the free flow of labour within the EU, although no doubt some of them were ignorant of the distinction.

    • Britain doesn’t accept Muslim immigrants or refugees? I’m not as well-read on the subject but I know there are entire neighbourhoods that are “no-go zones” controlled by Muslim fanatics.

      I don’t think Poles, Romanians and other Eastern Europeans have no-go zones and I think the tension with them has been grossly exagerrated by the Left-wing press to paint the Brexiters as ignorant xenophobes.

      • Curmudgeon

        You must have a problem with reading. I said that the Muslims are in the UK because of domestic immigration policies. Sure, maybe a few of them are there because they were accepted as refugees based on UK policy but the UK does not have to accept any of the refugees that are flooding the EU. The UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengen Area and thus do not have to accept EU refugees, and don’t

        If the UK Muslims are because of the EU, then please tell me why Ireland isn’t overrun by them.

        The Eastern Europeans cause a lot of upset because many view them as taking jobs away from Brits. But as I wrote, the ignorant usually confuse the two issues.

        BTW, the leading Brexiters said they wouldn’t change the country’s immigration policy. If so, Muslim immigration will continue.

        • Well then you must be dyslexic, because I didn’t refute that statement — I extrapolated to a different question.

          The point is that if a handful of neo-Nazis put out some anti-Polish graffiti, and the Left media plays it up, I don’t think it represents why the majority of Brits voted Brexit. I’m sure plenty of Poles and other Brits of Eastern European origin also voted Brexit.

  • UCSPanther

    Will this mean that the stage is set for the Great British Crusade? Stay tuned, folks…

  • terrence22

    I could not read all the crap about mooslimes; but I noticed a link (below) which has a much nicer thing to say about Brits.

  • tom_billesley

    EU migrants? An ignored aspect was revealed by a workplace accident yesterday.
    Birmingham: A wall in a metal recycling junkyard collapsed, killing five workers and injuring one. All described as “Spanish nationals of Gambian origin”; all muslim.
    Spain was just a stepping stone.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    This Prophet says….”Not long until they start scrapping with each other in a Bosnian-ized Britain.”