Cops and the Crisis of Confidence

On Capitol Hill on Thursday, Republican Representative Trey Gowdy spent the morning probing FBI Director James Comey to explain the contradictory logic that led him to implicate Hillary Clinton in recklessly endangering American national security but not recommending her indictment. In Gowdy’s view, Comey had led Americans to conclude there is a “double track justice system” in the United States; one for the powerful and famous and another for the rest of us. The presumption of a two-tiered system is a familiar one for millions of African-Americans. Rightly or not, many black Americans fear that they or their loved ones may become the targets of unnecessary police violence simply because of their backgrounds. These are two chapters in the same story—it tells a tale of a society-wide crisis of confidence in American institution and leadership.

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  • mauser 98

    …Clinton clause

    • RAMA44

      But besides that how was the rest of the play?…..Too soon??

    • Tom Forsythe

      Clinton and “careless discharge” in the same post. Had to remark on that.

  • mauser 98

    Hillary did not know what the “C” word is

  • Ron MacDonald

    Three cops shot, ten wounded in sniper attack at Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas


  • Gary

    It’s interesting how society is waking up to injustice and bigotry in 2016 . My Father’s background is N.American Native and his life goes back to the 1930’s in Quebec under the rule of White French Catholic ( like the Trudeau’s ) where most of his people were only Educated up to grade 8 .

    If life is such hell for Blacks and Muslims in Canada, they should set up Booths at the Airports and Borders to yell at the Immigrants and refugees to ” GO BACK , it’s a racists nation with Free education and health care plus welfare for life and Diversity quota’s for jobs” .