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police checkpointsSpanish Language Facebook Page Alerts Illegal Aliens to Police Checkpoints

A Spanish-speaking Facebook group is being used to alert 29,753 members of law enforcement checkpoints. Posts on the page claims it is alerting those “who don’t have a driver license and [to] report accidents” but it could also be used to avoid law enforcement for any criminal activity, including human, drug, and sex trafficking.

The social media page titled “Reten De Law Policia (Checkpoint) California” targets checkpoints in California but members on the Facebook page also discuss traveling across state lines.

swiss burka banBurka ban comes into force in Switzerland as Muslims ordered to obey or pay huge £8k fine

It is now illegal to wear a face veil in public in the Tessin region following the result of a referendum on the issue in 2013, in which 65 per cent voted in favour of a complete ban.

The anti-burka-law, which bans face veils, burkas and the niqab, came into force on July 1 and will be enforced by police in the area.

Michele Bertini, FDP city council and police director in Lugano, sent out leaflets on the issue in Arabic and an ‘intercultural mediator’ was brought in to train police to deal with the potential fallout.

Anyone caught wearing a veil can be fined up to €9,200 (£7,890).

isis-fighterEscaped Isis militant reveals reality of the jihadist group’s brutality: ‘They abused and mutilated dead bodies’

A former Isis militant has described the reality of life in the group as “worse than the tyranny of the [Syrian] government forces”.

The Russian man, calling himself Zurab for fears of revenge from Isis, told RT about his first-hand experience of the group’s atrocities.

“They were extremely brutal, killing women and the elderly who did not obey them” he said. “They abused and mutilated their dead bodies. They cut up the corpses, tied them to the back of the cars and dragged them along.”

He said Christians were killed immediately without a word spoken: “They would find them and publicly execute them. I witnessed many executions.

IsisWhy Isis has just made a potentially calamitous mistake

In the global revulsion at the past week’s terror attacks in four Muslim countries, the United States and its allies have a new opportunity to build a unified command against Isis and other extremists.

But as the US seeks to broaden this counter-terrorism alliance, it should be careful about partnering with Russia — unless Moscow distances itself from a Syrian regime that many Sunni Muslims despise.

The savage attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia should convince Muslim nations and the West that they share a common enemy in extremist groups such as Isis.

rop bullshitA look at bloody attacks around the world this Ramadan

A series of attacks, most linked to the Islamic State group, has killed nearly 350 people in eight countries during the holy month of Ramadan. The attacks are widely seen as an attempt to distract from a string of battlefield losses suffered by the extremist group in Syria and Iraq, where the borders of its self-styled caliphate are shrinking.

Here is a list of the major attacks carried out during Ramadan.

alton-sterling-shotHere’s Why The Officers Who Shot Alton Sterling Won’t Be Charged With A Crime

Two white Baton Rouge police officers are under fire on social media this morning for shooting a black man with a gun in an incident partially caught on shaky handheld video.

According to The Advocate, police responded after an anonymous caller claimed that a large black man in a red shirt threatened him with a gun.

The suspect confronted by officers, Alton Sterling, would not comply with officers and the incident escalated into a shooting.

jihadCENSORED: YouTube Uses Anti-ISIS Policy to Pull CounterJihad Video. Watch it here.

YouTube solicited this kind of content, from Muslims like our Shireen Qudosi, for the express purpose of contesting its space with ISIS propagandists. Somehow, its own policies have been turned against it.

“YouTube’s removal of CounterJihad’s factual analysis of the threat of ISIS and radical Islam is a devastating blow against credible counter-terrorism efforts,” Qudosi said. “No company or individual can legitimately say they support free speech and at the same time set up blockades against the very people doing the work necessary to counter the ideology. There is no other way to look at this.”

hillary and obamaYesterday FBI guaranteed Obama’s 3rd Term

The only way out of the hell where Alinsky Twins Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton have abandoned America starts with Americans breaking out of the state of denial in which they’ve been living.

There was never even a sliver of a chance that the law-breaking Hillary Clinton would be indicted for her flagrant email felonies.

Once Obama stepped up to openly stump for her, Hillary Clinton would never be brought to justice. That should have been everyone’s first clue.

hillary clinton-1-280x175FBI exposes 5 big Hillary lies

Hillary Clinton told some whoppers in defense of her email practices — and they have collapsed under FBI scrutiny.

The FBI’s yearlong investigation just caught Clinton in a huge web of lies and mistruth’s about her controversial homebrew email server set-up during her time as secretary of state.

FBI Director James Comey’s announcement Tuesday that he will not refer criminal charges to the Justice Department against Clinton spared her from prosecution and a devastating political predicament. But it left much of her account in tatters and may have aggravated questions of trust swirling around her Democratic presidential candidacy.

no gunsAnti-gun prof calls for shooting up NRA, ensuring ‘no survivors’

“Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors,” James Pearce wrote in a Facebook post on June 13. “This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists. Then and only then will we see some legislative action on assault weapons. Have a nice day.”