Brazil searches for missing Guantanamo prisoner ahead of Rio Olympics

The Brazilian authorities are trying to locate a former Guantanamo prisoner who is believed to have entered the country illegally after disappearing from Uruguay.

Abu Wa’el Dhiab, a Syrian national, was released in Uruguay along with five other former Guantanamo inmates in 2014.

  • If he harms anyone Obama should be held responsible.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But Obama wouldn’t have released him if the man wasn’t peaceful, right?

      It’s not like any other Guantanamo prisoners Obama released ever ended up involved in murders or wars.

    • The Butterfly

      There have already been tons of them he released who returned to jihad.

  • Clink9

    Terrorists @ The Olympics: A tradition since 1972.

  • I think Hillary has him hidden in her bathroom — he sleeps in the space previously occupied by her illegal server. She plans to introduce him as a “surprise speaker” at the DNC to support her illegal Sanctuary Cities policy.

  • GrimmCreeper

    The Islamic version of Where’s Waldo. Only this Waldo has a habit of self detonating.

  • Blacksmith

    There are going to have to be a lot more attacks before people wake up, some never will.

  • B__2

    Currently Syria is taking and early lead in the 2016 Olympic Games ‘Hide and Seek’ demonstration sport, with its competitor Abu Wa’el Dhiab.

    He’s also expected to be a strong competitor for the “Most Bang For Your Buck” Olympic sports of Car Bomb-Making, and marathon-style Street Shooting where competitors must walk or run any 26km route armed with an AK-47 and 1000 rounds of ammunition and will be judged on a weighted system for killed and wounded Brazilians with extra points for foreigners.