Barbara Kay: In BLM’s view to be white is to be racist and to be black is to be a victim

Don’t you just hate it when you invite the new folks next door to dinner so they can meet the neighbours, and then they arrive an hour late, after which they trash your cooking skills and demand better wine?

  • SDMatt

    It’s an old saying, but a true one, that revolutions eventually eat their children, and here is a perfect example.

    That’s what’s so delicious: the gay idiots being eaten alive by the black idiots in the race for the victimhood gold medal, all brought about by the identity politics favoured by SJWs and politicians.

    Who could ever have seen this coming?

    • It’s so beautiful to watch.

      • Gary

        The bonus is that the BLM thugs are tied to the Muslims Brotherhood in the USA and have brought their terrorist tactic to Canada.

        Census Canada had released a tid bit about out population and Diversity . I remember hearing the ad on the radio that only 10% of the Blacks in Canada were here prior to 1970.
        Ergo , the number today must be close to 95% of Blacks having NOTHING to do with Slavery and NO ties to Canada past to get Reparation or Diversity quota jobs.
        The 1992 Yonge st riot by Blat Yutes from welfare moms in Government housing should not have been allowed to detstroy property and attack Immigrants to loot their store and flip over their food wagons.
        The media today is pathetic because the Merit based employment had to be scrapped so Blacks in Toronto with NO experience in small town news papers or TV/Radio could finish a affirmative action Medai course at Humber or Ryerson to just parachute into a job at the CBC, CTV, City TV, the STAR and other Media based outlets.

        I will often struggle to understand a minority person on the CBC or CITY TV that has an heavy accent that never lived outside Toronto or a minority ghetto with a poor diction and no articulations skills to know what the story is .
        Blacks that land at the Airport as Immigrants in 2016 are included in the benefits for an oppressed group from slavery and have a better chance of getting a job at the Government or TTC via Diversity Quotas than a white person with canadian born parents.

        Don’t be shocked when regent park oe Jane&Finch get torched and become a war zone with the Black panthers in charge which is the militant wing of the Nation of islam that exploited ignorant Blacks in ghettos starting in the 1950’s.
        CAIR Canada has spent 15 years fabricating islamophobia hate-crimes to incite muslim youth to jihad as they infer Canada is at war with islam.
        Sheema Khan used the CBC to spew her lies as she defended almost every arrested terrorist as a victim of muslim bigotry until they boasted about doing jihad for allah and were sentenced to prison.

        Muslims seem to be peacful when they are under 1% of the population , but 3% is that magic number where Jihadist terrorism starts and get worse on its way to 10 % where the next phase it demanding an islamic state in a non-muslims nation via the no-go zones run as a caliphate.

    • WalterBannon

      and they will all be exterminated by the muslims

    • Will Quest

      & our uber-feminist , JUST-IN , will open Pandora’s & Judy-s, & Maryam’s boxes to make our society a tinder box of identity politics , seething with obsessive racism ……….

  • Ed

    How is “whites are inherently racist” any different than “blacks are inherently lazy, violent, thieving, fecund… etc.”

    If we can be “inherently” something, why can’t they?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Perhaps she should explain why most Blacks are victims of other Blacks.

    • They never seem to get around to that.

    • B__2

      Well, the SJW answer is obviously, “Anger stemming from the white racism inflicted on the black community spills out into violence against their own colour.”

      • Petrilia

        Getting pretty sick of this whole damn business.

        • Alain


  • BillyHW

    I don’t care about blacks or their problems. They are a race of unintelligent criminals who contribute nothing to humanity. Call me when they’ve figured out how to accomplish anything but breeding, and then we’ll talk.

    • chuck_2012

      black people are a blight on humanity,

      • desertpatriot

        …and themselves

  • barryjr

    If all members and supporters of BLM were to disappear off the face of the earth the world would be a much better place.

  • terrence22

    This was bound to happen; and it did at BLM protest in Dallas.

    • terrence22

      I just heard that THREE cops are dead, another ELEVEN wounded, at least TWO are in surgery

      • Will Quest

        L’enfant terrible that is ‘Black lives matter’ must learn that their infantile temper tantrums will not be validated with a blanket white-guilt approval . To placate senseless , socially divisive , unadulterated identity politics is to slowly underpin and destroy a community’s foundation rendering it responsive to only the most violent in it’s midst .
        Time to pluck the soothers out of their vile racist mouths …….

  • Alain

    I am more than fed up with people caving in to these thugs, especially since it is an import from the United States. We do not share the same history when it comes to blacks, so caving in to this marxist crap is totally disgusting. It was the same with Occupy, another American import.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Since their assumption is that I’m the Devil, the enemy my only response is to ignore them no matter what. If they were on fire in the street I’d laugh and keep walking. Let them rape and kill one another to their heart’s desire.

  • desertpatriot

    certainly not the brightest race of people on the planet