Antwerp: Magnet for Muslim Terrorists – Large Jewish community of the city lives in fear.

Not only Brussels, but Antwerp too, is a significant terrorism hub in Belgium. By January 2016 there were about 440 Belgian jihadists in Syria and Iraq, and most of them were young Muslims from the suburbs of Brussels and Antwerp.

It was in Antwerp in March 2010 that Fouad Belkacem, a Belgian radical Muslim of Moroccan descent, established “Sharia4Belgium.” The group was actively involved in recruiting young Belgian Muslims for the jihad in Syria and Iraq. A Belgian court in Antwerp ruled in February 2015 that “Sharia4Belgium” was a dangerous terrorist organization and that Belkacem and his followers were responsible for sending dozens of young men to Syria. Belkacem, an arrogant and intolerant man, got a 12-years prison sentence.

  • ontario john

    The United Church Observer website has its July edition out. Did you know that one of the reasons Christians are leaving the Middle East, is because Jews in Israel are committing ethnic cleansing there of Christians? Who knew? Maybe evil Harper was involved as well. Yes they have a major story that blames the exodus of Christians partly because of Jews in Israel and the conservative Christians over here that support Israel. They also have stories on how evil Trump is, and the disease of colonialism. And heart warming stories on muslim refugees in Canada.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s time to bolt.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Fortunately, this isn’t 1939 and Antwerp’s Jews will be welcomed in Israel with open arms and resettled there no matter how many financial sacrifices Israelis will have to make. (Once there, Belgium’s Jews will pay back with their skills, talents and loyalty, so it will be a net gain for Israel.)

    • B__2

      Congratulations Belgium! You have wilfully traded your Jews for Muslims, a move that will bring you to a similar prosperity to every muslim-majority country that doesn’t rely on unearned wealth from fossil fuels.

  • Dana Garcia

    Dale Hurd produced a good report on sharia4belgium a few years ago.