Tales from K-12: How high schools indoctrinate students before they even get to college

At my high school, I cannot recall hearing a conservative opinion expressed by a teacher, despite the fact that I lived in a conservative swath of north San Diego county. My teachers were almost entirely Democrats, and were vocal about their beliefs.

I was told by my Chemistry teacher that a single-payer healthcare was the only “fair” system. I had a World History teacher tell us that the natural and best way for society to progress was to turn to communism. Not Cuban Communism, or Soviet Communism, but “true Communism,” because the Soviets just didn’t implement it correctly, we were taught. I even had an English teacher who forced us to spend three months analyzing writing through a Marxist lens, because apparently we “have spent our whole lives hearing about capitalism.”

  • Jay Currie

    And people wonder why we home school.

  • I remember my kids studying about the terrorist IRA in High School (in a rather positive light).

  • simus1

    It starts before kids leave kindergarten when “serious marxists” get involved.

  • BillyHW

    Women have destroyed education.

    • Clausewitz

      They certainly have for the boys in the classrooms. The main reason I went to work in education later in life was to combat the way males are stigmatized in our educational system. God help them if they act like boys in classrooms, because then some SJW teacher will have them up at a meeting demanding that they be drugged into oblivion.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m older than all of that and never experienced much of it directly but what I would do is out-them them. I would slavishly agree to everything they say and go so over the top it would be embarrassing. And they objected I would scream and mount a campaign against them for their censorship and racism or whatever. If Communism is good then I would try to get a Pol Pot day created replete with a celebration of the genocide. If the cisheteropatriarchy is a problem I would mount a campaign to have them all exterminated in death camps.

    And so on. Just take their insanity and jack it as far as you can go up to and including calls for the rape and murder of fellow students, the staff and the administration. In the name of tolerance, SJW, BLM, the Muslims, the queers and so forth.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    People with criminal records like John Clarke of OCAP and other radical groups have regularly been invited to Toronto schools to “talk” and recruit.

  • Exile1981

    School superintendents don’t even care when a principal asks kids to report to her on how their parents voted.