Robots deliver parcels in Europe

Says Bloomberg:

The next time you order food using the delivery app Just Eat in London, don’t be surprised if it’s brought to your door by a small, six-wheeled robot.

London-listed Just Eat Plc. will join German retail chain Metro AG, logistics company Hermes Group, and U.K. food delivery startup Pronto Technology Ltd., in trialing delivery using self-driving robots. Starship Technologies, the company that makes the droids, said Wednesday that Just Eat and Pronto will be using the robots in London, while Metro and Hermes will deploy them in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Bern, Switzerland, as well as another undisclosed German city. More.

Reality check: I don’t think it will work nearly as well as the nerds hope. But the thing to see is that adding many new unemployables to the system in Europe or North America bodes no good for stability.

It’s not our fault that there are no jobs. And it’s not racism. A bot can do the jobs they wanted.

See also: Sure you can have $15/hr serving fast food. But your job no longer exists.

  • infedel

    …”adding many new unemployables”…bingo —it was never about workers needed; always about destruction of nation states to secure commie power and nwo.

  • Spatchcocked

    Robot chix….Japanese robot chix delivering a six pack and a pizza.
    Ever seen them Nipponese female robots?
    As Mordecai Richler used to say….Hubba Hubba Hubba….

    Oh sir yoo ah make me uncomfabull…….
    Oh yeah baby…oh yeah!

  • Spatchcocked

    And if you don’t think them japs are putting a fully serviceable vagina in them puppies yer a fool….they got real dirty preverted minds the japs do…
    No worries re vagina dentata either…..real degenerate preverts the japs are…….make the Weimar krauts look like Heloise.

  • Spatchcocked

    Japanese chick robot goes rogue in Seniors home….over a score of pensioners had their fucking tackle chewed off by vagina dentata……get used to that phrase folks….the nightmare has just begun.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Yeah, those things are gonna work well in the winter.

  • Gary

    It wouldn’t shock me if quadra -Copter drones with GO-PRO and GPS will be able to deliver you a Pizza to the backyard , or a Park , during a party .
    All you would need is a special APP and transponder put at the spot in the yard near your phone where the Pizza is guided down to stop at 4 feet from the surface to remove the box from a thermal bag to confirm delivery by the weight loss and fly back to the home base.
    The one man quad-copters are getting smaller , so all they need to do is give one a 25 klg load capacity or 30 klg that carry a small oven to cook the Pizza on-route after it’s made at the Pizza outlet.