Muslims reminded to always pursue peace, condemn any form of terrorism

Muslims were reminded during Idul Fitri prayers on Wednesday to always pursue peace in life and to condemn any form of terrorism.

If Islam is the religion of peace THEN WHY DO THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED?

  • I just bet that’s gonna work… this time.

    • Cults need constant reminders of cultic reality.

  • Daviddowntown

    There is about as much truth to that statement as anything emanating from hillarys pie hole.

  • Dana Garcia

    Funny how nobody feels the need to call Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. “religions of peace” but islam requires constant propaganda, er assurance.

  • Ed

    They’re forgetful?

  • The Butterfly

    I’m a butterfly.

  • Barrington Minge

    “condemn any form of terrorism.”….But they never do.

  • Clausewitz


  • You can’t pretend that you are against “terrorism” while condemning any actions that are taken to fight terrorist ideology as “Islamophobia”.