It is Not Terrorism! It is Conquest, It is Annihilation, It is War!


“…So you see, YOU are not safe- and it is not because the violence is random and not because Jihadis are only trying scare us into altering our behavior-  They really want to kill YOU they want to kill all of us. They are not just aiming to create a fearful response. What they are doing is a slow process of conquest. If you are still alive, it is because they have not gotten to you yet. We are all the target, including you, yes, you.

And don’t bother to remind me that there are more peaceful and moderate Muslims than there are Annihilationists. Thats nice and I agree. I also agree that it is horrible that millions of them have been murdered by Jihadis and the slaughter goes on still. I just don’t see any alternative but to insist that they get control of their fellow Muslims and stop them. We should help them but before we can help them or ourselves, we have to have leaders who will look at reality and call it by its proper name.

That is why from now, I will refer to these attacks as Islamic Annihilations and I will use the term Islamic World Conquest as a synonym for Jihad.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Stop the alarmist headlines.

    It is Not Terrorism!

    It is not Conquest,

    It is not Annihilation,

    It is not War!

    It is merely the natural consequences of multiculturalism.

    • infedel

      No. It is islam. All other cultures assimilate and live peacefully or stay in their own nations.

      • Gary

        The Toronto-18 muslim terrorists were BORN in Canada and yet they still wanted to use Truck-Bombs with the hope of killing 5000+ people in Toronto .
        The head of the terror cell though was an Afghanistan “refugee” that we took in . He was provoked to slaughter us because Chretien sent our troops to his Country to kill his muslims Brothers in the Taliban.

        The cbc NEVER reported the whole story about these Muslim terrorists. Plus we saw how Police Chief Blair lied when he said they were Canadians but from a cross-section of society with nothing to do with islam or muslims.
        I found out many of the hidden facts of omission, by the CBC, when the media was forced to report the Dailies from the Trial.

        Even the Media fears a terrorist attack by MUSLIM’S on behalf of islam if they say something that offends them to set them off to go Jihad . Obama and the Mayor of Calgary feel the same way but they must keep up this charade which is abetted by the media and now the School system .

        Keep in mind that Obama was very quick to assign the motive of islamophobia for the Chapel Hill shooting, so was the media that took his cue, but when a self-identifying homophobic devout quran-reading MUSLIM obeys the Verse to kill homosexuals and he chose to go to a gay bar and slaughter 49 and injure 53 while also calling 9-1-1 to boast about doing it for allah and ISIS…….Yet Obama and the FBI are still looking for a motive .
        Obama wouldn’t call the San Bernadino slaughter of 14 mainly heterosexual victims a Hate-Crime ( as if Jihadists kill people out of love) but was quick to avoid being a Homophobe after the Orlando slaughter so he call THAT a Hate-crime but appeased the Muslim Brotherhood members around him by NOT naming the source of that Hate from the Quran.

        Justin responded to the 2 Jihad attack in 2014 that killed 2 soldier on our soil by MUSLIM’S as a Mental illness issue and unemployment or a drug problem.
        But Justin went on to Promise he would legalize pot it he got elected, even when it F’d up his Mother that still battles mental illness.

        • infedel

          It is time we fight back islam without fear as the West did in the past. This racist/religion labeling fear is nonsense as islam is not a race nor a religion. The arrogance of marxists and islam will do them in.

          • Gary

            Our Citizenship rules have a clause where it can be revoked if anyone LIES to attain it.
            Every muslim that wants a caliphate and sharia law in canada should have their Citizenship revoked if they weren’t born here because they failed to admit they are an Invading army for allah to kill Canadians and destroy the Nation from within for allahs cause.
            But knowing Liberals, it may take about 500 gays being slaughtered by islamists before they even think there may be a link to the homophobic quran , homophobic muslms and jihad slaughter to kill homosexuals.

          • infedel

            2nd and 3rd generation islam wants sharia—see their imans and funding source — that is sedition right there…ban them as they are relying on their numbers illegally immigrating to change cultures and laws.

  • moraywatson

    Don’t you worry about a thing. Yesterday our political “leaders” got that whole Islamic World Conquest thing under control by signing a Charter Condemning All Forms of Islamophobia. So sit back and chill.

  • infedel

    islam is and always has been the problem…the West should NOT help any of them as all follow the koran…ban them from the West and let them sort out their differences; they have nothing to offer civilization and we have more oil than them and they cannot even extract or refine their oil without our help (they are pushing hala to compensate)

    • Liberal Progressive

      But think of all the Nobel Prizes their brilliant scientists have won in physics and chemistry!

      • infedel


  • Alain

    Yes, it is a war of conquest, and other than using some different weapons it is the same that Islam has carried on for 1,400 years. The other, and most vital difference is that countries now invade the invaders in.

  • lolwut?

    Jihadists – Conquest by violence

    “Moderates” – Conquest via the womb.