Could Canada Post just please GO on strike?

So we can find out just how big a scandal; Justin Trudeau’s support for them is? Toronto Star:

Crown corporation blames prolonged negotiations, and the cost of a rapid decline in mail volume, while union rails at ‘bully bosses’More.

Reality check: I am enraged by the need to transfer loads of absolutely unsolicited crap from my mailbox to my recycle bin, while listening to Justin’s flunkies’ rants against environment waste.

See also: No, Rona. It’s about YOU. Nothing can really happen for the rest of us until we have political parties that represent something other than government. I accuse you too. Please get your hair done and quit.

  • Exile1981

    Several online suppliers have negotiated courrier rates very close to Canada post rates for parcels. If Amazon and a few of the other major online retailers did the same it would spell the end of CP. The posties strike when ever a liberal is in power as they know they’ll be coddled and given lavish gifts.

    I for one despise the post office. I’ve seen too much theft by employees of their’s over the years.

    • Jaedo Drax

      Amazon already uses all of the delivery services, as can be illustrated by my order of 6 boxes being shipped from one center and showing up on 3 different services.

      In Toronto it even has it’s own service for same day delivery.

      The only thing canada post has going for it, is they only charge $5 for brokerage on parcels coming from the US.

  • reidjr

    I did not think there was a group more out of touch then Ontario teachers but no question postal workers take the cake.

  • Del Evans

    Exactly. Most days everything goes in the recycle bin. There are two hundred units in my building.
    We are talking tonnage by the end of the month.
    So glad I live in that fake green Ontario.

  • DMB
  • Clausewitz

    Canada Post went on strike. Nobody noticed.