The march against the masses

Time was people would march on parliament calling for the expansion of freedom or democracy – for the voice of the ignored or disenfranchised masses to be heard. Saturday’s March for Europe in London – in which thousands of spurned Remainers marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square calling for the EU referendum result to be overturned – was, by contrast, the starkest expression yet of the fuming, anti-democratic sentiment that has come to the fore post-Brexit.

This was not a March for Europe. This was a march against democracy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    take a few “REMAIN” politicians and lynch them as a warning to the others.

    • Exile1981

      or just revoke their uk citizenship and ship them to europe.

      • Hard Little Machine

        No if you encourage them to flee they’ll just come back to haunt you.

  • Reader

    At least the young and the privileged elites haven’t demanded to get two votes each… yet.

  • PaulW

    “We want to be enslaved! We want others to rule over us and make our decisions for us! We are not fit to go out in public without adult supervision! They promised us a cookie (or maybe it was a celery stick) if we were good! They promised!”

    Etc. Ignorance and stupidity just don’t offer a sufficient enough explanation for these morons, in my opinion: what the HELL is actually going on here?

  • canminuteman

    I would bet that the vast majority of “remained” don’t understand how the EU works. Their concerns go no farther than their desire to travel to Europe with out a passport.