So, tell me again how this works?

So, tell me again how this works?

If a man claims to be a Muslim, but we (or other Muslims) deem the person to be contradicting the tenets of Islam, we should refrain from calling him what he calls himself–a Muslim. Right?

BUT, if a man claims to be a woman, but we all know he is a man, should we or should we not call the man what he calls himself–a woman?

If the self-identifying Muslim can’t be called a Muslim, should the self-identifying “woman” who is a man be called a “woman”? Thoughts?

From the comments…

  • Here is how it works:
    1) If you are a liberal, you can say anything you want and never be questioned about anything.
    2) If you are not a liberal, you cannot say anything without worrying about some PC pinhead spewing patent BS.

  • Martin B

    So Mohammed wasn’t a Muslim, and Muslims who follow Mohammed’s example like Muslims are supposed to do aren’t Muslims either, and the only Muslims who should be called “Muslims” are Muslims who aren’t Muslim.

    There is nothing more ridiculous than a dhimmi trying to defend the Religion Of Peace.

  • WalterBannon

    Logic does not apply to liberals

  • terrence22

    Chuck Norris says it best

  • simus1

    Some people create chaos with truck bombs.
    Some other people take the long view and celebrate the “mutilation needs” of the mentally ill.
    They are all on different paths to the same destination.

  • moraywatson

    The facts speak for themselves…unless they don’t fit the socialist narrative.

  • truepeers

    The essential difference in all such questions is that Islam is a competing “civilization”, while women, gays, trans, etc., are not. Since the now obvious desire of all our resentful classes is to destroy Western civ. Muslims always get the benefit of the doubt, and women, gays, etc., will find themselves expendable, if they haven’t figured it out already.