Organizer of pro Iran Islamic Al-Quds rally: We are the real Canadians, not “selfie” Trudeau

One of the prominent speakers at the event was Ali Mallah (علي ملاح), a former Vice President of the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), CUPE member, Toronto municipal worker, former Ontario and Federal NDP Executive member and a staunch supporter of Iran and Hezbollah.

Denying the right of Israel (“illegal state”) to exist, Mallah justified the Palestinian struggle (“resistance”) by all means, meaning also the armed struggle which is regarded by Canadian government as terrorism.

He lashed out at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (“Selfie Trudeau”) for supporting a motion in Parliament (February 22, 2016) denouncing the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel.

The foreign policy espoused by Trudeau Liberal government was depicted by Mallah as standing in contrast to the core values of Canada. Mallah defied Trudeau by contending that the pro Iran and pro Shariah supporters who side with the armed struggle to destroy Israel are the “real Canadians.”

h/t Marvin