‘My boat looks like a toilet’: Rio Olympic sailor reveals boats are being turned BROWN because pollution is so bad

Olympic sailors have complained that their white boats are being turned brown – because the water in Rio is so polluted.

Sailors say an oil slick in Guanabara Bay, the venue for sailing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, is staining their boats as their practice ahead of the Games, which open in a month.

It led one competitor to say it left her boat ‘looking like a toilet’.

Open sewer - Copacabana Beach Rio

Open sewer – Copacabana Beach Rio

  • Dana Garcia

    If polluted sailboats are the worst thing that happens, the Brazil Olympics will be lucky. All kinds of plagues, pestilence and disaster are lined up, from armed robbery to zika bugs.

    • The army is now in the streets due to increased violence.

      • Dana Garcia

        Criminals must be flocking to Rio for the excellent crime opportunities — assuming any sports fans are stupid enough to go.

  • Brazilian citizens have been protesting their politicians for years because Brazil can’t afford this stuff. First there was the World Cup of Soccer, then the Pan-Am games, now the Olympics. One right after another. I don’t think a wealthy country like the U.S. would be so ambitious as to host three major world sporting events in a row like that.

    Meanwhile the Socialist Brazilian President — Dilma Rousseff — (a former Marxist guerrilla) is being indicted and impeached on a whole raft of charges. Her father was an immigrant from Eastern Europe and member of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

  • Blacksmith

    The Olympics have gone downhill in the last few iterations. I expect no less from this one. As to the boat looking like a toilet well Rio is a toilet so there you go.

  • andycanuck

    No shit?

  • Rosenmops

    I wonder what diseases they will catch if they fall in the water.

    • Clink9

      Probably fall on the water.

  • mauser 98

    …..Barry adds some fun to the mix

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