Muslim wants custody of 9 yr. old daughter because ex-wife has returned to ‘debauched’ Christian lifestyle

A Muslim husband is trying to win custody of his nine-year-old daughter because he dislikes his estranged wife’s new partner and disapproves of her return to a ‘debauched’ Christian lifestyle.

The political analyst, who has not been named, told a judge at the High Court in London that he objects to his estranged wife’s ‘un-Islamic’ lifestyle, which she returned to following their split.

The man is embroiled in a bitter family court dispute over the care and custody of their nine-year-old daughter, who has lived with her mother since the breakdown of their relationship.

  • BillyHW

    That filthy disgusting treasonous whore-cunt must be punished for sleeping with the Satanic enemy.

  • xavier

    Under no circumstances should the dad ever get custody. Islam constitutes child endangerment

    • Alain

      Yes, granting him custody would be granting a death sentence to the girl. It would only be a matter of time before she would be “honour” killed.

    • Well, according to some Islamist wags, Christmas is a time of fornication and evil and that causes tsunamis.

      Or something.

      • xavier

        Yeah andt he joy and laughter, song and dance treating everyone decently is just so utterly blasphemous.

        In any case i bet the judge will write an awesome putdown British style.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Wait till one of them forcibly rapes and impregnates a child then sues for custody and a forced ‘marriage’ to the victim and wins, facing zero rape charges at all. Figure some time in the next 7-12 months.

  • Dana Garcia

    A “debauched Christian lifestyle” must mean a woman acting as an independent citizen.

    Or maybe the muzhub is concerned about wine in communion — hey, it’s plain old grape juice, at least among Presbyterians.

    • Imagine if someone told him that it was the blood of a Jew.

      His head would explode and not from Semtex.

    • Brian Jones

      It means he’s upset no one’s “thighing” the girl as per the example of his prophet.

  • Ego

    I am not sure he won’t win the case. Judgments have already been passed in the UK that considered the “culture” as a decisive factor in favor of the enricher.
    She better take care her crazy ex-husband doesn’t come knocking with a knife in his hand.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    He just might win the case if his lawyer can prove that a Christian woman marrying a Muslim lacks the intellect and sound judgment necessary to be a good mother.