‘Man in the Hat’ Belgian terror suspect Mohamed Abrini ‘admitted he took photos of football stadium in Manchester’

Mohamed Abrini, the “man in the hat” seen with the Brussels airport bombers, admitted he took photos of a football stadium in Manchester, according to reports in Belgium.

Abrini was a key suspect in the Paris attacks last November, and was caught on camera fleeing the scene after the Brussels airport attack in March.

The television channel VTM claims to have seen Abrini’s first police interrogation, conducted after he was arrested in Brussels in April.

  • ed

    his EU passport gave him the absolute right of entry into the uk ,with no checks what so ever ,it also gave him the right to stay without fear or favour , brexit ends all that ! [ ed uk ]

    • WalterBannon

      brexit does not end it.. they have to invoke article 50 and the Torys will not do that if Theresa May becomes PM – she is Cameron in a dress

  • GrimmCreeper

    Probably just lining up a venue for a Muslim soccer match, using the heads of infidels.