Islamic State’s ‘four weeks of pain for infidels’ claim more than 800 lives: Huge death toll of attacks in Iraq, Bangladesh and the US following Islamists’ call for slaughtering Ramadan

The call came in late May, just weeks before Ramadan began: ISIS told supporters to make the Holy period ‘with God’s permission, a month of pain for infidels everywhere’.

That call has turned what should have been four weeks of peace and charitable giving into a bloodbath which has spread from Florida to the Philippines, leaving more than 800 dead at the hands of Islamic State’s supporters across the globe.

  • Dana Garcia

    The Drudge Report headlined “Ramadan in Ruins” with a photo of the same scene the other day, which showed a surprising lack of understanding: this has been a very successful ramadan according to jihadist values. RoP’s running tally shows 1651 dead so far, and the big holiday of slaughter isn’t over yet.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s other Muslims so no humans were involved. Carry on.