Clinton cleared by FBI over email misconduct scandal

Hillary Clinton is likely to escape criminal charges over an email misconduct scandal, although her actions were described as “extremely careless” by the FBI.

The agency’s director has said the FBI will not recommend criminal charges following its investigation into the Democrat president hopeful’s use of a private email server while US secretary of state.

  • The Butterfly

    Innocent, like a virgin.

  • If anyone else was “extremely careless” with government secrets, would they also get off.

    Seems like a good invitation to be carless.

    On a daily basis the government routinely arrests people for lots less.

    • Gary

      Just try to tell the IRS that all your Business records were on your personal Server at Home and it was wiped clean from you being careless but you did have the “intent” to evade paying taxes on the $3 million in profits over 4 years .

      Now that the FBI set an example for a special dispensation from the Laws by claiming you are careless and didn’t intend to break those Laws ……there are millions of Speeding tickets and Assault Charges in the system to be thrown out when a Judge gets Cited the Hillary case that was a Federal Offence but not Charges .

  • WalterBannon

    Bill and Hillary made an offer he could not refuse.


  • Exile1981

    So even if you committed lots of crimes and caused untold damage it’s ok as long as your sorry and didn’t know better?

    Ok they just set a really bad precident.

  • Now, the question is: does that help or hurt her numbers?

    • V10_Rob

      I can’t imagine this moving her numbers up much. People who thought she was innocent or being badgered over trivialities were almost entirely in her camp already. Similarly, anyone anti-Hillary is not going to be swayed by this.

      So we’re left with the undecided middle. Anyone following this election with a somewhat open mind and reading both sides can see that this investigation reeks to high heaven. You’d have to be pretty oblivious to take this ‘no charges’ at face value and shift towards Hillary. If anything, the clear appearance that justice has been subverted will drive more into the anti-Hillary camp.

      • canminuteman

        Trump now needs to base his campaign on Hillery being too stupid to be president.

  • tom_billesley

    Calling it “misconduct” is making light of it.

  • BeukendaalMason

    “Now a Message from the New Founding Fathers of America:
    As of July 5th, 2016 all crime is now legal as long as you did not intend to commit the crime. We thank you for your attention and now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast”
    The Purge: Hillary 2016

  • Do note the Comey was happy to be a part of the FBI.

    Does he say that all the time?