Britain: Labour Party Finds Itself Innocent!

Readers who have followed the UK Labour party’s recent travails will be surprised to hear the results of the party’s latest inquiry into its own behaviour. After a slew of anti-Semitic comments emanated from a Member of Parliament, a number of councillors and a member of the party’s executive committee, party leader Jeremy Corbyn finally ordered an inquiry into anti-Semitism in the party. The findings of this inquiry have now been published and amazingly the Labour party has found itself innocent. But even that has not gone down without incident.

The Labour party’s anti-Semitism problem began to be exposed at the start of this year when stories of routine anti-Semitism emerged from a junior wing of the party — specifically theOxford University Labour Club. That scandal involved a number of resignations, and revelations of the use of anti-Semitic language as routine and commonplace among Labour students at Britain’s most prestigious university. An inquiry into these events, ordered by the party and conducted by Labour’s own Baroness Royall, promptly found “no evidence” of “institutional anti-Semitism.”

  • Blacksmith

    Well I am shocked, no really while I was reading this I kicked the wall plug of the fan and apparently it has a short and I got a little tinge. As to the leftist finding themselves innocent, I mention Hillary Clinton email as one of thousands of examples in the last few years alone.

  • Solidarity Forever

    Obviously the false claims of the Labour Party being antisemitic were proven to be just one big conspiracy theory put forward by the zionists still in the party.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Gilbert Gottfried would say that party was full of fucking jews in his best Paul Lynde voice.