Australia: Pauline Hanson returns

Pauline Hanson is back.

After 18 years in the wilderness, the controversial One Nation leader is heading to the Senate, where she will quite possibly hold the balance of power.

You may not agree with her, but you can’t ignore her any longer.

Here’s a quick guide to One Nation’s four key policies.


One Nation describes Islam as a “totalitarian political system” masquerading as a religion and is calling for an “inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology”.

Islam, it says, “does not believe in democracy” and “is proving to be seditious against every nation and government on earth”.

Banning the burqa and niqab in public, banning Halal certification, stopping Muslim immigration and installing surveillance cameras in mosques are just some of One Nation’s proposals.

It also wants a ban on any new mosques being built until the inquiry is held, would “investigate welfare payments paid to Muslims who may be in multiple marriages, having multiple children”, and would forbid the swearing in of Muslim MPs under the Koran.

  • john700

    Her election gives false hope to the WCS (White, Christian, Straight) crowd. The proliferation of Islam won’t be stopped by banning the building of new mosques, let’s be serious. The muslim demographic tsunami is unstoppable. For the WCSs, the game is over across the Western world.

    • Brett_McS

      If a western country stands up for western principles and refuses to budge an inch to accommodate Islam if will become a very uncomfortable place for Muslims, and most will see their children convert away from Islam. It will be the death of Islam.

      • john700

        western principles?
        You mean: extreme homosexual propaganda; genderless children; censorship of everthing considered racist, homophobic, sexist or islamophobic; black lives matter; communist academia; global warming?
        This kind of society becomes a very uncomfortable place for every normal person.

        • Alain

          For many of us those are not western principles, but you are correct that if those are accepted as western principles, we are lost.

          • infedel

            Those principles are not accepted…the nwo commies in academia and media what us to think it is mainstream…it is fringe….people are awakening…even snowflake millennials. We are never lost; patient and tolerant to a fault; but never lost.

          • john700

            They won the culture war, we have to admit that.

        • Brett_McS

          Huh? I mean, for example, equal treatment under the law. Islam is not happy under such a regime; it is essentially parasitic and relies on having special legal status.

          • john700

            equal treatment under the law?!?!?!?! this sounds funny today, after the FBI’s decision not to recommend the indictment of the witch.

    • Well Poland is considering banning abortion almost completely due to the demographic suicide of western Europe and its own people, perhaps a part of the answer perhaps not.

      • Ego

        The cure against Islam is not (or not just) ratcheting up birth rates (hopeless against Muslims’ 6 to 8). Instead, Islam should be denied the title of “religion” and banned as a political ideology bent on toppling all other political systems. Muslim countries will be screaming, but this is the only way — plus the willingness to fight to the utmost if necessary.

    • The longest journey requires a first step.

      Her “four key policies” are a significant first step.

      They are a hell of a lot better than following the suicidal policies of allowing Muslims in by the boat load.

      • john700

        nothing about addressing the white demographic collapse.

        • infedel

          the third world needs to halt their demographics as they cannot feed or maintain those numbers that the White West has been propping up. Let the West stop all aid and see how responsible third world becomes. There will be no faux collapse as the whites can maintain and third world cannot unless they invade….and the white west will stop this invasion.(plus robotics; we do not need low iq invaders)

        • Minicapt

          That’s your job, and you’re not doing it very well.


    • infedel

      NO…it is not over for Westerners…we have stopped islam before we will again…and this time blow it off the face of the Earth…the West is tolerant to a point…shush with your defeatist attitude.

  • Brett_McS

    She’s great, and her resurrection was in large part due to the execrable Turnbull, who should be, and probably will be, thrown in the trash after his hopeless performance in the election. What a limp rag. Interestingly, Tony Abbott didn’t retire from politics when he was knifed lost the leadership, as would normally be the case, but has stayed active. I hope this is a sign that he will return to the leadership.

    • Me too I liked Abbot.

      • xavier

        Abbot is an interesting pol. He’s quite close to the aboriginals and moved his office once every 3 months to a remote village (sorry I don’t remember the name)

        He’s quite blunt and forthright. He causes the elites to bristle ( particularly the uptight Singaporean political elite)


  • Norman_In_New_York

    I wish her lots of luck.

  • ed

    Europe needs to see the light ! ” islamxit ” [ed uk ]

  • P_F

    Time for Canada to adopt all of these policies, only more rigorously, with addition of banning all mosques/islamic centers, start deporting all mohammedans & other immigrants who refuse to assimilate, and no TFW or foreign students at the cost of Canadian born workers & students.
    With turdo & liberals in power the time is running out for Canadians and we’ve little hope of capable, patriotic, meaningful leadership from conservatives now.

    • Alain

      So far I see no hope at all for Canada, since all existing political parties are really the same party. We have no Marine Le Pen, no Trump or anyone close to them and others who stand against the entrenched Establishment.

      • V10_Rob

        Any current pol that steps to the right of Trudeau will be crucified as “Canada’s Trump”, and but will be too timid to actually say anything that might rally Trump supporters to them.