Syrian refugee marches beside Justin Trudeau in Canadian pride parade

While Justin Trudeau was waving to the crowds and pausing for selfies as Canada’s first prime minister to march in a gay pride parade on Sunday, Bassel Mcleash was walking quietly alongside him trying to summon the courage to speak to the leader of his new country.

The 29-year-old Syrian refugee had hoped to catch a glimpse of Trudeau during the parade, and had even planned what he might say to him. “I wanted to tell him thank you, that I’m Syrian, I arrived here a month ago,” he said.

“Syrian refugee” who marched with Trudeau at Pride is HIV-positive — but Immigration approved him?

  • It’s not a surprise that Trulander marched in this ridiculous farce.

    He certainly won’t answer why his favourite religion kills gays.

    • cheryljtebosvui


  • BillyHW

    Please, all this diversity is killing me.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Because having HIV, like TB is no longer a barrier to entry for “protected classes” of persons.


    Some groups of permanent resident applicants are exempt from the excessive demands assessment:
    family class sponsored spouses, common-law partners and dependent children
    convention refugees or people in similar circumstances and
    protected persons.

    According to the law, a spouse, common-law partner,
    child or other family members of these permanent resident groups are
    also exempt.

    • BillyHW

      Our “Free” health care system needs the business.

  • Alain

    Bassel Mcleash is a Syrian name? No, not.

    • Gary

      He’s from Egypt where he lived for the last 3 years. This scam artist is Syrian but just as much a fake as 90% of the muslims Justin brought in that were from Lebanon and Turkey .
      Good luck finding one from the Jordan UN camps , that was a Photo-op by the drunk McCallum .

  • mauser 98

    Justin..we are not worthy of you

    “Syrian refugee” who marched with Trudeau in Pride parade is HIV-positive

    • African

      I don’t see Michael Coren there?

  • BillyHW

    Good news, you’ll get to work two jobs to pay for your daughter’s braces directly out of your own pocket, and also for the taxes that will go to pay for this jihadist’s AIDS drugs, while he continues having gay sex with whomever, whenever he wants!

    Isn’t suffragist socialism the bomb?

    • huron

      a refugee diease……………………………d?

    • DMB

      I hope he has sex with Justin without a condom.

  • Will Quest

    Where was la chatte Sophie…… those killer red stilettos she wore on Canada day would have been the envy of the parade……

  • Frances

    Approved him – they probably rushed him to the head of the queue.