Spirit of ‘76

Forty years on, America’s bicentennial cohesion may be unrecoverable.

NewYorkDailyNews-04July1976Forty Fourths later, I still remember that Bicentennial parade, with its marching bands, magic carpet scooters, and Dalmatians on firehouse floats; and the Americana-drenched picnic in the park, with horse rides, contests, a dog show, Little League championship games announced over loudspeaker, lots of waving flags, and fireworks at nightfall. From my fortunate perch in suburban Chicagoland, the Fourth of July was never to be missed, but for this one—July 4, 1976—everything was a bit grander, operating on a larger scale.

  • PaulW

    It may not be “the party at the end of the world” (to use Douglas Murray’s phrase) as is the case in Europe, but America is in decline, definitely. Whether it can be turned around (Trump?!) is another question. But like Gondor in the Tolkein’s LOTR, even in its twilight, it is still a great nation.