Quebec Orders Palliative Care Docs to Kill

Palliative care is about ameliorating suffering and respecting the lives of each patient. It isn’t a synonym for assisted suicide or euthanasia. Or to put it another way, hospice and palliative care are about living.

Euthanasia/assisted suicide are about killing.

  • But… but… they said people would not be forced to do so!

    • No never!

      • Again, don’t trust the government.

        • Clinton

          Let me guess– there’ll be little or no exemptions
          for doctors who do not wish to participate in
          euthanasia. Or, what’s likely is that a physician
          might (for now) be able to recuse himself from
          ending a patient’s life, but he’ll be sanctioned if
          he doesn’t refer the patient to someone who will–
          which amounts to the same thing.

          • Bingo.

            we will see more of that.

            If a person is adamant about killing himself, why put the moral or legal impetus on others?

  • BillyHW

    How do we go about euthanizing Quebec?

  • huron

    bear cull? deer cull?? lefty freak out. people crickets. soylent green burgers anyone?

  • k2

    No wonder so many in this shithole of a nation seem to think islam is wonderful : muslims loves death, as they constantly remind us, but so does mainstream Canadian society.