No, A 10-Year-Old Did Not School Sarah Palin With A Question About Sexism

Sarah Palin appeared at a California political conference this week to spar about Donald Trump, the future of the GOP, and the 2016 horserace with hard-boiled Democratic operative James Carville. Politicon, billed as a combo Coachella-Comicon for politics, hyped the odd couple as one of its premiere events, and attendance and press coverage were high.

  • What? A lie told about Sarah Palin?


    Despite this set-up job, even if she DID say she hated countries that mistreat women, that’s a good thing.

    (SEE: honour-killings, acid attacks, burqas, hijabs, chadoors, testimony, beatings, education – lack of, sex slaves, murder)

  • BillyHW

    Feminists actually believe that Trump’s calling out of Megyn Kelly as the bleeding bitch that she was that night is equivalent to mass rape, rape slaver, and genital mutilation.