Israel’s Livni summoned by London police for ‘war crimes’

Israel said it expected “different behavior” from a key ally, after opposition lawmaker Tzipi Livni was summoned for an interview with UK police. Livni was Israel’s foreign minister during a deadly conflict in Gaza.

  • Timshel54

    This is dangerous new territory in my opinion.

  • Gary

    This is what happens when you have a jew-hating pro-hamas Mayor of London.

  • simus1

    Wonder how high up the bribe was received and was it shared ?

  • ed

    she now has diplomatic immunity ,so the labour party jew haters can f/off [ed uk ] support Israel

  • Exile1981

    Since the “crime” didn’t take place in England and she wasn’t a british citizen then the UK has no jurisdiction and can f- off.

  • Did she tell them to f— off?