Islamist Extremism in America: The Islamic Jurisprudence Center

The Islamic Jurisprudence Center (Maryland) is so extreme it considers designated terror org the Council on American Islamic Relations apostates

In June 2015, Sheikh Suleiman Anwar founded the Islamic Jurisprudence Center (IJC) in Clarksburg, Maryland. The center’s mission was “to promote and advance the understanding of and compliance with Islamic law (Sharia) in all aspects of life.”

This mission statement might seem tame, except that Anwar’s webpage reveals a worldview that is remarkably extreme compared to that of most Muslim organizations in the West. Anwar wants total Sharia according to the Saudi model, where the hands of thieves are cut off. He rejects secular liberal democracies and pluralism within Islam.

Here we explore Anwar’s Islamist worldview and show what happened when it is implemented in Muslim countries.