How the Warsaw Pact Planned to Win World War Three in Europe

Last month in the National Interest we discussed NATO’s plan for World War III in Europe. The scenario, set in the late 1980s, assumed that the forces of the Soviet Union and the rest of the Warsaw Pact—namely East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary—steamrollered West Germany to defeat NATO. The plan assumed the western alliance would defend as far forward as possible while avoiding the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

But what about the Warsaw Pact?

  • Petr

    Smoke an mirrors. The main targets were universities, media and entertainment. The real attack was ideological and subversive. It succeded beyond wildest dreams of the politburo.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What the Soviets were publicly most worried about were Pershing-2 launchers even though they already had a comparable analog deployed. The west caved and the Soviets got to keep their IRBMs. And yes, the Soviets were willing to sacrifice Warsaw Pact nations in the defense of Mother Russia. That’s why the Warsaw Pact existed.

  • Minicapt