How the elite weaponised immigration

“…But what if a community’s sense of itself is fragmenting? What if its rulers no longer have a clear sense of what their nation means, or what it stands for? What then? A nation’s borders really do start to appear, not as the outlines of a community’s self-expression, the domain of its sovereignty, but as little more than lines on a map, arbitrary boundaries demarcating long obsolete cultural differences. For a nation whose rulers lack a sense of what that nation stands for, borders really do appear meaningless.

And here’s why immigration has become a problem. Our post-traditional, postmodern rulers, have simultaneously devalued borders and valorised immigration. And, in doing so, they have weaponised it. They have turned immigration into the means by which they transform society, bring it into line with their borderless, vacuously cosmopolitan vision. The immigrant here is not an autonomous individual, an end in himself. He is a means to an end, a political tool to create a multicultural, margin-less society.”

  • Exile1981

    Immigration is how wages are suppressed, which allows the gov’t the prevent people from having the leisure time to engage in politics.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      You right look what happened over here when the previous government allowed 250 , 000 people to come over here to work for less than the minimum wage.

  • Martin B

    “…bring it into line with their borderless, vacuously cosmopolitan vision”

    That fits Shiny Pony’s plans for Canada to a T.

  • How did the Balkans work out?

  • FutureShock

    Welcome, to the age old plan of the One World Government. No boarders, no religions, no armies, no private banks, one currency, a one world order. The New world order. Before your very eyes… Oh, you will be in denial, right until the very moment it comes knocking on your door.

    But when that time comes, it is all over. And that is the plan. Has been for centuries. To imagine this was how they’d do it… Against each other. To create an enemy (evil, evil Islam), create hate and incite the whole world into an infinite rage and hate.

    Right until the point where EVERYONE screams for a savior… And who will this savior be? The one world savior. Fucking clever, I have to admit. No nukes, no nothing! But the single most basic thing throughout human history… hate and fear.

    But on a massive scale. And it’s working. Gotta give it to them, though – ingenious. Look into the ‘breakaway civilization’. Essentially, hoard all tech, by using everyone else. Hide the advancement from the public, and gradually release tech that is tens of years behind their own.

    After all, they have unlimited “slave” money to build anything. This is nothing more than the time of pyramids, but on such a complex and massive scale, it’s a universe on its own to comprehend.

    Little by little, we will see them introduce more. But now are the years where it really accelerates. And it is planned. All of it. Perfect. Order out of chaos. Their order. Their vision. You can only but admire it a little.

    The fools, all of us. And they know it. They expect it. And we give it to them, the fools we are. Fools…

    Don’t be surprised if some major event happens in the near future… But be aware it is not by “accident”. They will make it seem to be an accident, but it is not. Not much is with world events and politics. Many strings are pulling. But only one master.

    All you can do is see through the bullshit and make decisions based upon that.

    Well… have a happy new world order. Probably a future saying, who knows.

  • canminuteman

    The joke will be on them when which ever immigrant group becomes powerful enough to decide it’s time to kill all the whites.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Screw the fence on the Mexican border. Build fences around all these backward, sh!tholes, supply them all with weapons, and then they can all kill each other. Why are so many Muslims fleeing so many Muslim countries when supposedly most Muslims are peaceful?