Gay Pride takes a beating. Second blow for progressive coalition

It takes three to make a trend, but a breakup in the progressive coalition may be in progress.

From Global:

As thousands along the route wondered about the delay, members of Black Lives Matter issued demands to organizers. One of them was for the removal of all police floats in the future – a significant request considering the police’s popularity and presence in Canada’s largest pride parade.

Police and Black Lives Matter have been at constant odds over carding, which disproportionately targets black youth, and the shooting deaths of black men like Andrew Loku and Jermaine Carby.

Today’s action, “signifies a return to Pride’s political roots,” said co-founder Janaya Khan, who added one of the aims of the group is to draw attention to racism within the LGBTQ community.

List of demands follows.

Reality check: The progressive coalition is inherently unstable because it depends on a shared sense of grievance and entitlement rather than on shared interests.

First there was Orlando. Gays learned that they are not in a progressive coalition with Islamists. The gays’ grievance is that society doesn’t accept them; the Islamists’ grievance is that the gays are not dead, flogged, or in jail.

Now it turns out that the gays are not in a progressive coalition with the race grievance industry either. The industry wants the police called off, but it is the police who protect gays.

Generally, in these saw-offs, the group more inclined to violence will prevail. That spells no good for the gays.

If there is a third fracture, making a trend, any guesses as to what it will be?

I favour a fracture around crackdowns on evidence-based dissent from government claims about climate change. Price rises and diminishing quality of life may test the loyalty of the urban greenies to the climate a-crock-alypse.

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