Drunken Iowa man causes panic at restaurant after shouting about Allah

A drunken man who jumped onto a bar and “praised Allah as the only god” panicked customers at an Iowa restaurant and was subsequently arrested Friday night, authorities said.

Caldwell police Lt. Joey Hoadley told KTVB-TV that the incident happened at around 8:15 p.m. and that officers were at Horsewood’s Restaurant within two minutes of receiving the call.

Jessie and Aaron Horsewood, the restaurant owners, said the man, identified as Ralmanzow Bell, had been sitting quietly in the restaurant the entire night when he suddenly got up on top of the bar, told everyone to be quiet and then yelled “Allah is the only one true god.”

h/t Exile

  • simus1

    Pro muslim drunks are the worst, next to muslim drunks.

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  • huron

    dumphuck is lucky he is still alive

  • V10_Rob

    And yet, islamphobes with itchy trigger fingers and scary assault weapons didn’t fill him full of lead…

  • Will Quest

    Testing the waters of TOLERANCE ……..

  • Blacksmith

    That was in Idaho by the way.