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Islamophobia-1-Photo-CIJnewsSix Canadian cities to sign a charter condemning anti-Muslim hate crimes

Windsor, London, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal and are planning to sign a new charter condemning anti-Muslim hate crimes. The move was initiated by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a civil liberties and advocacy organization which claims that “hate incidents and stereotyping of Canadian Muslims is growing in frequency and intensity.”

In a press release, NCCM announced that on July 4, 2016, six simultaneous conferences across Canada will take place “to endorse the NCCM Charter for Inclusive Communities and to condemn all forms of Islamophobia.”

entebbeJuly 4, 1976- The Raid on Entebbe: When Israel Showed The Spirit of ’76

On America’s two hundredth birthday the tiny nation Israel, surrounded by enemies and hated by the United Nations boosted the morale of America and much of the Western world, with a daring raid.

More than anything else that happened at any gala celebration of the special anniversary of the U.S., Israel’s raid on Entebbe reminded the world of the real “Spirit of 1776”–freedom is worth fighting for.

Sulaiman-Anwar-640-320Islamist Extremism in America: The Islamic Jurisprudence Center

In June 2015, Sheikh Suleiman Anwar founded the Islamic Jurisprudence Center (IJC) in Clarksburg, Maryland. The center’s mission was “to promote and advance the understanding of and compliance with Islamic law (Sharia) in all aspects of life.”

This mission statement might seem tame, except that Anwar’s webpage reveals a worldview that is remarkably extreme compared to that of most Muslim organizations in the West. Anwar wants total Sharia according to the Saudi model, where the hands of thieves are cut off. He rejects secular liberal democracies and pluralism within Islam.

norway deports afghansNorway starts deporting Afghans

Norway’s Immigration and Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug, says that UDI has assessed the security situation in Afghanistan, so that far more than before are rejected and can be sent back.

Recently, Finland also decided to return refugees to Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, as the countries are not considered to be dangerous anymore, according to the Finnish Immigration Service.

Guns-and-dog-Corey-Gwathney-Facebook-640x480Gunpocalypse — Gun Owners to Jerry Brown: Come and Take It

Governor Jerry Brown signed six of the 11 new gun control bills that passed the California legislature last week, including a ban on “the sale of semiautomatic rifles equipped with bullet buttons.”

But many law-abiding gun owners do not see how the Second Amendment is protected by more gun control. In fact, gun owners rallied near Sacramento’s Cesar Chavez Plaza on Saturday morning to to say the new controls simply turn “law-abiding citizens into criminals.”

For that reason, they have no plans to obey.

muslim nypd with beardMuslim NYPD police officer suspended for refusing to shave off his beard is reinstated by the department (and can keep the beard)

Syed, who said he has maintained about half-to-one-inch (13 to 25 mm) beard for most of his 10-year career, has sued the department saying its no-beard policy is unconstitutional.

Following the suit, the NYPD said it will examine its policy banning beards.

‘Given an ultimatum to choose between my faith and my career on that day was one of the most disquieting moments of my life, hopefully no other officer will be put in that situation again,’ said Syed.

syrian1White House Pushes US Companies to Hire….Syrians, Not Citizens

The White House this week issued a formal Call to Action for U.S. firms to make “new, measurable, and significant commitments that will have a long-term, sustainable impact on refugees residing in countries on the frontlines of this crisis and in countries of resettlement, like the United States.”

The administration has provided over $5 billion in humanitarian aid. On Sept. 20, President Obama will host a summit of world leaders on the refugee crisis to secure increased pledges for aid; measures to help refugees become contributing members of their host communities, including getting one million adults the legal right to work; and a greater intake of refugees through resettlement and work programs.

Mark-Zuckerberg-Israel-Palestine-685709Facebook boss Zuckerberg ‘sabotages Israel’s defence against Palestinian terror attacks’

It is claimed Facebook will not cooperate with Israeli security forces when they seek information about suspected terrorists living in the West Bank and often does not remove aggressive anti-material from its site, meaning others could be influenced to engage in terror attacks.

Glad Erdan, a cabinet minister in prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition overseeing law enforcement, did not hold back in his criticism of Zuckerberg’s online empire.

He said Zuckerberg was responsible for Facebook policy and called on “the citizens of Israel to flood him in every possible place with the demand to monitor the platform he established and from which he earns billions”.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a plenary session at the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 29, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Wattie

Trudeau says Canada exploring gender-neutral identity cards

Canada is exploring gender-neutral options on identity cards, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told local television station CP24 on Sunday at a Toronto gay pride parade.

Last week, the Canadian province of Ontario said it would allow the use of a third gender, X, on a driver’s license, which is commonly used in North America to provide identification.

Misty_K_Snow-large_trans++P642x9a4zXQRkyaVdo3I2be6PRk3MjI1ZZFpsAxXZes‘I was a bit awed’: Utah Democrat Misty K. Snow could become first transgender US Senator

“I was hoping that somebody else would step up to carry that mantle of Sanders-style populism but nobody was stepping up in the Senate race so I decided, ‘maybe I’ll do it’, and I had this gut feeling that if I do it it will work out.”

She will face Mike Lee, the Republican incumbent and one of the Senate’s most conservative members, in November’s general election.