Why Rolling Stone’s Lawyers Aren’t Celebrating The Defamation Lawsuit’s Dismissal

The dismissed Rolling Stone lawsuit over the false University of Virginia campus rape article is not the win headlines suggest.

Before the lie gets halfway around the world, the trending headlines about the dismissal of the defamation suit against Rolling Stone are oversimplified. Only one of three defamation cases against the magazine has been dismissed. The lawsuit in federal court in New York has been dismissed. The two cases in Virginia, one in state court and the other in federal court, remain. Also, the plaintiffs in the New York case will likely appeal.

A little recap: A young freelance writer, Sabrina Erdely, wanted to publish a story about campus rape culture. She contacted a woman who had allegedly experienced a brutal gang rape at a frat party at the University of Virginia. Erdely found an eager editor at Rolling Stone magazine and submitted a horrible story to them.