Stonewalling Muslim Homophobia

At the recent New York City LGBT Pride parade, marchers carried a rainbow flag imprinted with black letters, “Republican Hate Kills!” That same day, Islamist Turkey dispersed an attempt at a gay pride parade in Istanbul with tear gas and rubber bullets. Turkish cops in gas masks wearing black converged on a few hundred protesters, seized their rainbow flags and detained a number of prominent figures.

  • The progressive blind faith for Islam leads to 49 dead in Orlando.

    Don’t worry.

  • ontario john

    The elites that control the media wants us to believe that islam and homosexuals are buddies. The Sunday Star has one of its carefully selected letters by a united church minister, who is excited that a mosque caters to homos in Toronto.

    • mobuyus

      Oh islam and homos are bum buddies, always have been always will be.

      • BillyHW

        At least that part is true.

  • mobuyus

    They don’t call them queer for nothing.

  • BillyHW

    Homosexuals have a suicidal death wish. Always have.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Gays are handling this like they handled AIDS, with much denial and gullibility.

  • roccolore

    Democrats support the Muslims who kill gays.

  • 945dad21

    You know I sometimes think that these deviants and the sub-human head bangers are together doing our species great favour. It really does smack of some form of inherent terminal sado-masochistic self-immolation on one side as the the other side side rub out the former with such unchallenged alacrity. If it keeps going this way it will leave the rest of us with one less long-term problem to deal with.

    Things are really looking up.

  • Clausewitz

    So can someone give me a link to a Republican mass murderer or spree killer? So far I think the Dems are way ahead on that score.

  • jack burns

    Hopeless. Getting denied a wedding cake is worse than getting your brains blown out. If you need to be hated, we can do that.