Rolling Stone “It’s not true” moment captured in e-mail

From Chuck Ross at Daily Caller:

Emails filed in federal court on Friday show that the Rolling Stone reporter who wrote a now-debunked article about a gang rape at the University of Virginia told colleagues that “our worst nightmare” became a reality after she realized the main source for the story was lying.

Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s emails were filed in federal court in Virginia on Friday as part of a $10 million defamation lawsuit that UVA dean Nicole Eramo filed against the reporter and Rolling Stone.

In a Dec. 5, 2014 email to Rolling Stone editors Will Dana and Sean Woods, Erdely said that she did not believe the source of her story, “A Rape on Campus,” was “credible any longer.”

Reality check: But wait. Shouldn’t RS have started realizing something long before then? Social justice warrior make up stuff. It’s not clear whether they even think truth is a real category.

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