Profs: Orlando massacre caused by ‘toxic masculinity,’ ‘extremist discourses’

Three professors have blamed the Orlando mass shooting on “toxic masculinity,” “ultranationalist” discourse, and “wide availability (and fetishization) of weapons.”

Their essays, collected on Ohio State University’s Mujeres Talk blog, appeared in a post titled “Countering Hate with Knowledge, Fury, and Protest: Three Latina/o Studies Scholars Respond to Orlando Massacre.”

“To say ‘We are all Orlando,’ is to risk being thought a queer, a fag, a freak, unnatural,” wrote Mariana Ortega, a philosophy professor at John Carroll University. “It is to lose the honorable shield of hetero-love.”

  • Anything but Islam….

  • G

    Because, as we all know, sitting on your useless ass writing essays does lots to solve the problem.

    • Ed

      Right… We’re all lining up to give a fudge what these 3 “professors” think LOL

    • B__2

      Yes, they really need to do something concrete and meaningful – like a #hashtag campaign to address these issues.

      After all, it’s always worked before, right?

    • Will Quest

      ShimshockAndAwe is an adept turd-polisher, this species generally live & thrive in sewage holding tanks , also known as macadamia ……………….

  • It’s all babble to me at this point. American elections are waaaaay too long.

  • ontario john

    Attended my Bible believing church this morning, and then had a great lunch at a potluck with Mennonite farmers and their families. Then I got home and switched on the news to see whats new, and got nothing but homosexual perverts parading down the streets of Toronto. And of course after a Saturday night of stabbings, the Black Lives Matter crowd came from public housing and temporarily stopped the parade so they could rant in front of the cameras. And it was disgusting to see Canada’s favorite prime minister in his pink shirt dancing and waving flags in the march.

  • BillyHW

    Sorry faggots, but you voted for Muslim immigration.

  • Naturally it was.

    This is why another Orlando will happen again.

    • Gary

      Yep , and Liberals will still deny a link to quranic homophobia.

      I’m just curious about how many gays that they are willing to let be slaughtered by muslims on the Altar of Diversity as they stay in denial or see the connection to islam but stay quiet for the muslim votes.

      gays will pine for the days when all they suffered from in Ontario was a few Letters to the Editor by Clergy that opposed same gender marriage.
      Brent Hawkes won’t be saved as a Christian under sharia that can choose to convert because NO gay person can be spared from the noose .

      • Big Gay will let its entire movement die than admit that they had it better under a Judeo-Christian West.

  • Alain

    This confirms that those three “professors” lack the intellectual capacity to be professors. Why would one pay to follow a course given by such incompetents?

  • Clausewitz

    Some of the stupidest people I’ve come across have been at the Faculty lounge.

  • Gary

    I am so glad that I’m on record as being mocked by the Bank Of Montreal back when I protested them forcing employees to morally and finacialy support PRIDE as part of the employment contract while there were 2 Pro-hamas groups in the PRIDE parade.
    The Law Firm for BMO which I dealt with had two middle class white feminists that were clueless about hamas brutally murdering gays in public in Gaza which may start with a razor blade to carves their face off prior to the beating to death.
    Somehow this complain t was funny and by some nut case malcontent making up stories about sharia and quranic homophobia and jew-hatred.
    I warned them and yet for 5 years BMO embraced the jew-hating homophobes and caters to sharia banking and “Diversity” in the workplace which means the jew-hating pro-sharia homophobe muslim can work along side those evil queer’s and shifty jews that should both be killed .
    This poison also spread to the CBC which gave the hamas -funding CAIR lots of air-time for Sheema Khan to do dawah and defend the Toronto-18 muslim terrorist as victims of the post-9/11 islamophobia and racial profiling.
    The CBC got played for suckers by CAIR every since 9./11/01 until CAIR was exposed in 2009 by the FBI for for funding Terrorism outside of North America , then the CBC had the Poster Boy Muslim Jian get exposed for his misogyny to assault White, non-muslim , women when the CBC claimed the islam was a religion of peace .

    Below is a photo of Khan’s buddy at CAIR Mr.Nihad Awad as the pro-hamas rally with Hezballah flags as well . There is also the BMO-PRIDE group in the parade at the same time as a group is supporting hamas in gaza.

    The Orlando slaughter is tied to quranic homophobia which is in the same quran used by hamas , Al-qaeda, BOKO , ISIS and 99% of the muslim in Canada.
    The other Corp’s that sponsored PRIDE for 5 years were HOME DEPOT , Air Canada , Mercedes Benz ( yes , the same car maker for the Nazi’s that sent gays to the death camps ) TD bank , Molson’s , Loblaws , CTV , MTV ,Toronto STAR, Telus and a few others.
    All of the people in charge at the Corporations can not get away with claiming that ” We were just following orders ” to sponsor the Parade while hamas was murdering gays in Gaza .

  • Hard Little Machine

    I wish I were a prof now. I’d grab a python script to generate this word salad bullshit by the ream.