Muslims and “political correctness”

No matter who is at fault, the Jews are punished * In the name of “politically correct” dialogue and talk about human rights

On Monday, the Israeli police announced that the Temple Mount would be closed to Jews and tourists until the end of Ramadan. The reason: incessant violent rioting by Arabs against visitors to the site, and police officers. The rioters amass stones, bottles, iron bars and who knows what else in the al-Aqsa Mosque, in order to attack Jews, tourists, and anyone they define as enemies of Islam from within the mosque.

Justifiably, this situation calls for the closure of the Temple Mount to all Muslims, but unfortunately, the Israeli government continues to uphold the long-standing tradition founded during the cursed days of our exile: if the Jews riot, the Jews are punished; if the Gentiles riot, the Jews are punished.

  • Shebel

    Someday, the Jews are going to have to stop being so Temperate.

  • Alain

    The cowardliness and stupidity of the Israeli government concerning the Temple Mount is disgusting. Ban the bloody Muslims who invaded and built their crap on top of Judaism’s most Holy site. The Arabs correctly understand this approach as weakness which only encourages them to continue with their violence and killing.

  • Dave

    incessant violent rioting by Arabs…
    Then shoot the Bastards! Problem solved.
    I thought the Israeli’s could figure that out.

  • vwVwwVwv

    as long as, hmm how not say it raceist,hmm.
    as long as the half cracker occupies illegaly the oval ofice
    israel has to follow the line of bibi. have you ever imagined how high
    the pressure from the pothead homosexual muselmaniac
    and his coranimal press-shareholders and
    EU – Paladines is.

    if hilLIERy Klinton is averted 20.01. 2017 israel may breath up.
    its hard time for a country the sise of the
    Kruger-National-Park with such
    hostile pressure from
    all sides.

    and idiots tell you gasa is under sige.